Via the incomparable Bob Somerby, this gem from Boston Globe typist Nina Easton on The Tweety Matthews Show (“complacent millionaire pundit values on a cable-access budget!”): EASTON: There is–there’s no doubt that that’s a piece of John Kerry. There’s a piece of John Kerry that wants to please audiences, which gets him into this what, what Nixon called […]


In General
On June 1, 2004
Despite my first post here, I don’t plan to use this blog to engage in handwringing about past failings on my part. I’ll comment on blogs and politics, like my co-bloggers, but I’ll also blog a bit about my academic interests and concerns. On that front, I’d like to lament the apparent slow, silent death […]
Elton Beard effectively sums up Tom Friedman’s latest ad hoc theory. But what strikes me most about it is that he chooses an example that completely repudiates his thesis: Is Vladimir Putin’s Russia today a Jeffersonian democracy? Of course not. But it is a huge nation that was tilted in the wrong direction and is now tilted […]
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