On Gore ’08

In General
On May 22, 2006
Like Ezra and Shakes, I hope that Al Gore will run in ’08, and would, at a minimum, strongly lean toward supporting him in the primaries. Neil tries to throw some cold water on the parade. He makes at least one good point, although I’m not convinced by the overall argument: The sound point is […]
Part III of a four part series to commemmorate the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland. Part I: SMS LutzowPart II: HMS Lion The first eight German dreadnoughts followed the naming convention previously adopted for pre-dreadnoughts. Like in the US Navy, battleships were named after states. This changed with the construction of the Kaisers, […]
The problem with trading an outstanding young pitcher for an injury-prone mediocrity and a good innings-eater for an arsonist reliever is that you end up with such unplanned special events as “Lima Time!” and “Fireworks Day with Jeremi Gonzalez.” These events may be highly flammable. Fortunately, you might be bailed out a bit going up […]
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