In late 2003, the Colorado Supreme Court struck down the partisan redistricting passed by the Republican legislature, as this redistricting plainly violated the state constitution’s mandate that redistricting be performed only once per decade. This case–a state court interpreting the state constitution–did not raise the slightest federal issue, and on Tuesday the Supreme Court refused to […]
One strange thing about Stoller’s argument about centrist bloggers is that it strikes me as no longer true. Drum, Yglesias, and Marshall have all become much more aggressive and partisan over the last year. I don’t think any of them presume competence or good faith on the part of the Bush Administration at all. (Indeed, […]

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On June 8, 2004
Needless to say, Michael Massing’s NYRB response to the New York Times’s pre-war “journalism” is a (depressing) must-read. It’s doubly depressing that this opinion wouldn’t be written today–not only because there’s no Black on the Court, but because our establishment papers censor themselves so well: In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it […]
Roger Ailes has a great post about Andrew Sullivan declaring that he no longer supports the GOP, because they have the same position on gay rights that they’ve always had. If you scroll up a bit, you can see Sully’s desperation, as he demonstrates the full-on Phantom Menace effect. Says Sully: [Reagan] would never have presided over the massive […]
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