More on the appalling O’Reilly/Russert interview from the typically brilliant Bob Somerby. I think the important point the Howler emphasizes is Russert’s culpability. To criticize O’Reilly for being a lying bully is, in a way, like criticizing the sky for being blue, although it bears more repeating. It’s what he is. It was Russert who prevented […]
I’m glad that Media Matters has posted the best clip from O’Reilly and Krugman’s joint appearance on the CNBC Russert Show. Being extremely ill, I actually watched the whole thing, and this clip is basically how the entire thing went. O’Reilly lies through his teeth, Krugman catches him dead to rights, and then O’Reilly starts engaging […]


On August 8, 2004

One reason I’ve not been posting lately is that I’ve spent entirely too much time drinking and recovering from drinking over the last few days. At any rate, through the smoky haze last nig

Interesting post from John Quiggan, pointing out that, if successful against Sadr, we’ll be wiping out in a week or so as many people as Hussein killed in a typical year. I’m of two minds on the question of Sadr and his army. It’s obvious that we’re using a bizarre moral metric to justify the slaughter […]
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