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William Saletan makes a feeble attempt to defend the worthless “Kerryisms” column. I particularly like this bit of disingenuousness: Another blogger, Eugene Volokh, gets the joke and doesn’t like it. “Another possibility is that ‘Kerryisms’ has evolved into an attempt to show simply that Kerry uses a lot of qualifiers, instead of giving very simple answers,” Volokh […]
Great story by Kos about Nader’s so-far failed attempt to get on the ballot in Arizona. 90% of his signatures have come from Republicans–no surprise there. The means by which he tried to get on the ballot speak volumes: The petition collectors were working for a GOP outfit, and were collecting signatures for two high-profile […]
The attempts to parse the comments of Administration officials to prove that they didn’t technically lie are pointless, because of course the chief basis of the Administration’s case was the conflation of Iraq with the “war on terra.” Whatever specific claims were made, the strategy was to portray Iraq as a direct threat to the […]

Nada Hatin’

In General
On June 18, 2004
With respect to my recent post on conservative vanity candidate Ralph Nader, some response to the many intelligent comments are in order. First, fine commentary from The Poor Man and Nathan Newman. In response to Erik’s reasonable comments about the Democrats’ lack of vision, he has a point to some degree, although the Democrats have at least gotten […]

Bloody Sam

On June 17, 2004

It’s difficult to find an issue so clear-cut that The Nation and eventheliberal New Republic agree, but both have great reviews of Sam Huntington’s new book, People Who Aren’t Wh

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