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Turn on the News

On June 5, 2004

According to Prof. Reynolds: WHILE I WENT OUT TO GET FROZEN YOGURT, the InstaWife watched CBS news. She pronounced it “one long commercial for the Democrats.” Needless to say, no examples

Among Katha Pollitt’s many enviable talents is the ability to cut to the heart of an issue by saying something that by all rights should be banal, but is often overlooked. Some people on the left have been arguing for a draft, arguing that it would make military sacrifice more egalitarian and inhibit military adventurism. […]

I tawt I taw a putty hack

In General
On June 3, 2004
Via the incomparable Bob Somerby, this gem from Boston Globe typist Nina Easton on The Tweety Matthews Show (“complacent millionaire pundit values on a cable-access budget!”): EASTON: There is–there’s no doubt that that’s a piece of John Kerry. There’s a piece of John Kerry that wants to please audiences, which gets him into this what, what Nixon called […]
Elton Beard effectively sums up Tom Friedman’s latest ad hoc theory. But what strikes me most about it is that he chooses an example that completely repudiates his thesis: Is Vladimir Putin’s Russia today a Jeffersonian democracy? Of course not. But it is a huge nation that was tilted in the wrong direction and is now tilted […]
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