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Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan both think that Muqtada Al-Sadr’s retreat and expressions of approval for the new government are a victory for the administration. That is certainly a point of view. A more accurate point of view would note that it was the US, not Sadr, who started the conflict. We shut down his newspaper, we […]
Juan Cole points out what should be obvious to everyone; that Iran is seeking, and is likely to acquire, a great deal of influence in the new Iraq. Some people like to blather on about how the invasion of Iraq and the War on Terror are all just part of an American plot to support Israel. […]
Matthew Yglesias distills some of the discussion on the torture memo. Obviously, this is troubling for two reasons. First, the administration is apparently doing its darndest to figure out how to legally torture people. Just handing suspects over to authoritarian regimes like we’ve been doing apparently isn’t good enough; we have to do it ourselves. Of […]


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On June 7, 2004
I tried to come up with a response to Chris Hitchens this morning, and I just couldn’t. He’s not the sort that I would welcome back to our side. I’m sure, for Chris, all this is part of a seemless narrative: North Vietnam good; Henry Kissinger bad; Ronald Reagan bad; Bill Clinton bad; G.W. Bush good(?!?); John […]
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