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Boycott Huffington Post

In labor
On June 14, 2011
As some but by no means all progressives know, the Newspapers Guild and the National Writers Union have called a boycott against Huffington Post for refusing to pay its writers. Unlike unionized workplaces like the New York Times, Huffington Post exploits laborers desperate to get in print by offering them a byline without compensation while […]


On June 13, 2011

In the history of American athletes, has there been a player who started out so easy to root for and so easy to like who worked so hard to make people hate him. I mean, who would possibly ever like Ko

Based on the comments coming out of the worst American presidents post, I want to write a few follow-up posts in the next few days, including on Jackson and Indian Removal, Wilson, and Hoover. But I want to address one comment now: Joe R wrote: I must say I liked the post but I thought […]
Douthat applies the same tortured logic he uses to discuss abortion and gay marriage to euthanasia, promoting state sanction and imprisonment for those who would engage in assisted suicide without providing any concrete reason why. That he talks proudly about how Swiss doctor Ludwig Minelli would be in prison if he operated in the United […]
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