Author: Cheryl Rofer

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The other intelligence assessment that dropped last week was on so-called Havana Syndrome. This one was led by the CIA, and, unlike the assessment of how SARS-CoV-2 jumped to humans, there is a reasonable role for intelligence agencies. Whether an adversary country is sending agents with a mystery weapon to disable government workers is the […]
Last week, a CDC report,  “Youth Risk Behavior Survey” dropped. It shows devastating levels of depression in young people, particularly young women. A great many people, predominantly middle-aged white men as far as I can see, have hastened to tell us that it’s all because of those newfangled phones. There might just be a few […]
Haha, right? A coalition of organizations has put together a letter to the New York Times criticizing its recent inaccurate articles contributing to the moral panic against transgender people. The signers are people who have contributed to the Times and are LGBTQ+, along with allies. A couple of excerpts: The newspaper’s editorial guidelines demand that […]
Seymour Hersh published today, on his Substack, a long story about an involved plot by the United States to blow the Nordstream2 pipelines. No, I’m not going to link. It’s garbage. Over the past few years Hersh has argued that Osama bin Laden was not responsible for 9/11, and that Bashar al-Assad is not responsible […]
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