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Since I caused a bit of a stir in the spring when I discussed The Expanse and the limitations of its political storytelling, I thought we could have a thread about the just-concluded third season. My take: overall, meh. But a more entertaining meh than the first two seasons, to be sure. The smartest choice […]

Lost in Space

On June 6, 2018

Since it was suggested that it might be of interest to readers here, I have a review at Strange Horizons discussing Netflix’s remake of Lost in Space, released in mid-April. In that sense, at le

I don’t consider myself an avid gamer. I play a few games every year, and there are a couple that I return to periodically. But most of the industry tends to pass me by in a blur. Partly that has to do with the types of games I gravitate to. I imprinted on games like […]
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