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The Medicaid expansion was a BFD: The ACA's Medicaid expansion saved a lot of lives. — Samuel Hammond 🌐🏛 (@hamandcheese) November 16, 2021 It seems very bad, to me, that the Supreme Court re-wrote the revisions of a program that had already been revised many times to make it much easier for states […]
This comment thread on Seth Ackerman’s nuclear take on Medicaid is especially good. I want to highlight this one from fake irishman, responding to Ackerman’s claim that because the number of people on Medicaid increased even in states that didn’t take the expansion actually Republicans like Medicaid fine and both parties are the same: One […]
Those would prefer that hundreds of thousands go uninsured rather than any rentier skim some profits are about to get their wish. My guess is that the people upon whom the contradictions are about to be heightened will be less thrilled with this outcome: The issue, or one of the big ones, was Obamacare. Outgoing […]
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