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Biggest asshole in neoconfederate legal world strikes again


I assume many of you figured out who was responsible for this lawsuit against Northwestern Law — which none of the alleged “victims” were a part of — before his identity is revealed:

A lawsuit filed Tuesday against Northwestern University opened a new front in the battle against affirmative action, alleging that its law school hires less-qualified people of color and women over White men for faculty positions in violation of federal anti-discrimination laws.

The complaint, brought by a group called Faculty, Alumni and Students Opposed to Racial Preferences, targets Northwestern’s law school. But the allegations amount to a sweeping criticism of American universities, alleging that they care more about diversity than merit or compliance with federal law.

The case, filed by conservative legal activists, is an effort to secure a ruling that will force a change in what they say are widespread discriminatory practices.

“For decades, left-wing faculty and administrators have been thumbing their noses at federal anti-discrimination statutes,” contends the suit, which was filed Tuesday in federal district court in Illinois. “They do this by hiring women and racial minorities with mediocre and undistinguished records over white men who have better credentials, better scholarship, and better teaching ability.”

Jonathan Mitchell, aprominent lawyer behind the suit, promised to challenge similar practices at other universities and invited those with “incriminating evidence” to contact him.


The suit names three White men it says were not hired despite strong qualifications, and names four Black women and one Black man who it alleges were offered faculty positions because of their race and/or gender, painting several of these academics in harshly unflattering terms.

Most of those named did not respond to requests for comment, but Paul Gowder, one of the Black law professors mentioned in the lawsuit as an example of someone who benefited from racial preferences, strongly pushed back against the allegations.

“This is absolute racist garbage,” he said in an interview, making clear that he was speaking for himself and not the law school or the university. “My record speaks for itself. I would gleefully put it up against the records of any of the people who were supposedly passed over.”

None of the professors mentioned in the complaint were aware of the lawsuit ahead of time or had any role in providing information, Mitchell said.

As multiple prominent legal academics have explained, the suit is strikingly far below any professional standard, reading more like an AutoAdmit thread than a legal filing: personal insults, broad generalizations (such as repeated claims that virtually no scholars who aren’t white men are capable scholars in numerous legal fields), willful ignorance about how academic job markets work, obvious contradictions (Black women are both allegedly held to no standards of excellence and when they are denied tenure this is just central to the point), etc. Needless to say, it is also premised on the perennial myth that every job has One Most Qualified candidate rather than many fully qualified candidates. Considering the source, this isn’t surprising:

Of course, one group of lawyers who are often held to no standards at all are Republicans filing lawsuits in many jurisdictions controlled by Republican-nominated judges.

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