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Does Trump even care about being back on Twitter?


It’s not really funny given his goal of getting more Julius Streichers platformed, but Elon Musk has one of the more pathetic cases of Divorced Guy Energy I’ve ever seen:

My guess is that Trump will eventually come back to Twitter. But it must be admitted that just staying on his own vanity site instead would be consistent with the closest thing Trump has to a redeeming quality: his ritual humiliation of his thirstiest lickspittles. And they don’t get much thirstier than ol’ Elon here. It’s not clear to me if his even Silicon Valley bro apologists really like him per se; the vibes are more “rich kid his prep school classmates mock behind his back but pretend to tolerate because he lets you drive his old man’s third-favorite Maserati.” So who knows, but at a minimum Trump is probably going to let him twist in the wind for a while as money keeps flying out the door.

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