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The no-knock problem


I’m about halfway through the new WaPO podcast about no-knock warrants, and I strongly recommend it. The most important bottom line:

Since 2015, police across the country have killed at least 22 people, including Amir Locke and Breonna Taylor, while carrying out 21 no-knock warrants, according to a review of The Post’s database of fatal shootings by police and hundreds of court records.

Experts suggest that these high-risk searches disproportionately target Black and Hispanic homes. Of these 22 people, 13 were Black or Hispanic.

We obtained documents listing evidence for 13 of the fatal raids: In 12, officers recovered less than three pounds of drugs combined — including marijuana, mushrooms and heroin. Only one raid recovered more.

In related news, Hudson v. Michigan is an under-discussed Roberts Court atrocity, and Scalia’s discussion of alternative remedies to the exclusionary rule doesn’t have enough substance to rise to the level of “hand-waving.”

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