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The Misogyny Tell


Not too long ago, abortion bans included exceptions for cases of rape or incest, or where the pregnancy threatened the life of the mother. No longer. An eleven-year-old pregnant by her father? School of hard knocks, kid. In some states, the rapist now has paternal rights over the child that his victim has been forced to bear.

In that not too long ago time, there was also a nod to science and tradition. Traditionally, restrictions on abortion, where they were levied, usually covered abortions after “quickening,” when the pregnant person could feel the fetus moving, which usually happens in about the fifth month. Before that, it could be sort of hazy as to whether someone was pregnant at all. Some nice history in this thread that Sam Alito ignored.

Quickening was also when various religions believed that the soul entered the fetus. That is, of course, a religious judgment, not to be enshrined in American law according to the First Amendment.

The language of “soul” isn’t used currently, but the anti-abortion crowd now argues that “life” begins with conception, which is the joining of a sperm and an egg. That is not a pregnancy until the conceptus implants in the uterus and begins forming a blastocyst, which will eventually become an embryo, and then a fetus.

Life, of course, goes back to the first cell or wherever you want to demarcate that. Sperms are alive. Eggs are alive. The specialized anti-abortion use of the word “life” is intended to elevate the conceptus to a special status. Eggs and sperm are human life too, so that’s not what they are saying.

The word “baby” elevates a clump of 16 or 32 cells to a mental picture of a fully-formed child. Those two words are an important part of the lies.

It’s barely possible to detect a pregnancy at six weeks after the most recent menstrual period. Six-week abortion bans are intended to make it possible to harass and imprison women arbitrarily.

The ban against intervention in ectopic pregnancies is simply intended to kill women. Ectopic pregnancies are nonviable and cannot be “transplanted.” Untreated, their outcome is the death of the mother.

There was a pretense for a while that somebody’s religious sensitivities were involved. The mask is off the misogyny.

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