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The Post-Roe world begins


The effects of abortion having been effectively banned in Texas are already becoming evident:

On a windy Tuesday morning, the parking lot outside a small brick building on the Southside of Oklahoma City was filling up fast. The first to arrive, a red truck shortly before 8 a.m., was from Texas. So was the second and the third.

The building houses one of Oklahoma’s four abortion clinics, and at least two-thirds of its scheduled patients now come from Texas. So many, in fact, that it is trying to hire more staff members and doctors to keep up. The increase is the result of a new law in Texas banning abortions after about six weeks, a very early stage of pregnancy. As soon as the measure took effect this month, Texans started traveling elsewhere, and Oklahoma, close to Dallas, has become a major destination.

“We had every line lit up for eight hours straight,” said Jennifer Reince, who works the front desk phones at the clinic, Trust Women Oklahoma City, describing the first week the measure was in force.

Of course, abortion will also be illegal in Oklahoma within the next year or two. Dallas is 662 miles from Denver and 559 miles away from Santa Fe. And even the people capable of making that trip might be out of luck when the next Republican trifecta takes power.

Given the amount of credit Anthony Kennedy got for half-saving Roe in 1992, let us remember that this is also fully his legacy.

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