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LGM Film Club, Part 158: White Rock


I know it’s Oscars Night, but why not include a Film Club as a secondary thread on it. This is a piece from the 1976 Winter Olympics promotional film White Rock. It’s actually pretty interesting, largely because James Coburn was brought in to explain the games to us. And here’s the thing–Coburn is awesome. His roguish charm is just overwhelming here, which is just expanded upon by his early gray hair and chiseled face, not to mention his voice. Hell, Coburn rides a bobsled at the beginning of the film! The footage is pretty great. And with sports such as the biathlon, which few of us really pay much attention to even during the games, his explanations are really great.

The one down side here is that Rick Wakeman was brought into for the soundtrack and oh my god, TAKE AWAY HIS TOYS! He was really going all in with the electronics by 76 and at times it is just completely out of control. Evidently, he released a whole album of this shit by the same title as the film. I hope you have never listened to it unless you are an enemy of mine, in which case you get what you deserve.

Here’s a nearly 9 minute clip of the film.

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