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Apart from that Mrs. Lincoln


In general, I try to keep my focus for pandemic failures on policymakers rather than individuals who do dumb things. But some people are so obscenely self-centered and callous I have to make an exception:

Then there are the newlyweds who feel little responsibility for wedding guests getting infected.

Ms. Chism’s stepson, a 27-year-old engineer in Houston who didn’t want to be named because of the topic’s sensitivity, believes his guests exercised free will when attending his wedding.

“My wife felt bad and said, ‘I feel like it’s all our fault,’” he recalled. “I said, ‘Look, they took a chance on coming, they knew the risk. People could have come or they didn’t have to come.’”

When asked whether he would make the same decision again, his answer was absolutely: “The day was very memorable, it felt like a normal wedding. Minus the part about people getting sick.”

Say what you will, but “Granny died but hey I got some nice photos out of it and that’s the important thing” is an ethos.

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