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MAGA all the way down


If you take him at face value, Brian Kemp was too busy coming up with ways to stop African-Americans from voting to learn even the most basic facts about the historic pandemic he’s responsible for protecting his citizens from:

In this case, if Kemp is telling the truth, it’s the most charitable explanation. Somewhat more likely is that he is not an abject moron and knew perfectly well that not implementing social distancing policies was going to get lots of Georgians killed and just didn’t care, but figures it’s better to say he’s completely incompetent than that he’s a monster. It hangs on him fully either way.

Speaking of monsters:

“That’s because he has rejected the neoliberalism of Obamacare and will OUTFLANK the Dems by implementing single payer!” –every bad online Matt by the time you read this, probably.

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