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Peter Baker achieves peak something


I have a nephew who, a few years ago at the age of eight or so, became a fanatical follower of the Detroit Lions. As I struggled with the question of whether I should report his parents to social services, he regaled me with stories of some of the ancient wonders he had uncovered on Youtube.

“Uncle Paul,” he said to me one day, “have you ever heard of Barry Sanders?”

Yes, I have heard of Barry Sanders. Indeed I remember seeing Barry Sanders do things on the football field that I didn’t think were possible, given the laws of physics.

I thought of Barry Sanders just now when I read Peter Baker’s NYT piece on how Both Sides have made it impossible for Americans to believe in even the concept of truth any more.

I’m not going to quote from it, because it would be like excerpting a Shakespeare sonnet. You have to read every word of this text to experience the full aesthetic effect is what I’m saying.

Speaking of supreme artists at the peak of their powers, this is the Barry Sanders of Both Sides. This is as far as this genre can be taken. This is the Platonic ideal. This is America.

. . . a friend notes:

One could say that both historians and holocaust deniers steadfastly repeat their take on history while insisting the other side is spreading falsehoods. But one wouldn’t say that, because that would make one a morally corrupted idiot.

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