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Pete Buttigieg is bad news


One of the many puzzling, not to say infuriating, things about the Democratic party is that it’s possible for someone with a who decided that the best use of his gold-plated paper credentials would be to use them to work for McKinsey is somehow still considered a plausible candidate for the party’s presidential nomination. And this wasn’t some youthful indiscretion, before “Mayor Pete” fell off his chariot on the road to Damascus: this was, basically, fifteen minutes ago! It’s not who he was: it’s who he is.

What would the Republican equivalent be? Somebody who worked for the ACLU or maybe Planned Parenthood in the very recent past? The whole idea of someone like that being eligible for the GOP nomination for anything, let alone POTUS, is utterly laughable.

Just . . . no.

(Here’s a sympathetic interpretation of how Buttigieg’s whole career is an archetype of a certain sort of upwardly mobile gay man making his way in the world, that cautions readers not to fall into the trap of dismissing that archetype as somehow inauthentic. That’s a valid point, but I’m not worried about this guy’s inauthenticity: I’m worried about how his status as a gay man, and therefore diverse and marginal, may be obscuring the increasingly obvious fact that he’s also by far the most conservative of any of the even vaguely possible candidates in the Democratic field. If Biden implodes eventually, look out).

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