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It’s comin’ meltdown, start runnin’ countdown

Yep, this ain’t normal.

We have reached the DOPUS’ head photoshopped onto a 16-year-old girl’s body by the DOPUS’ staff stage of the presidency, and it’s going to get worse.

I know the popular nightmare scenario involves President Flimsyphalanges refusing to leave office when it is time for him to GtFo. I think it will be a lot messier than that.

I think that before he leaves office we’ll be treated to a full and complete meltdown so public and prolonged and undeniable that Fox will block his phone number so he can’t call in to Fox & Friends any more. It will be so bad that it knocks that taxiderpied grinmace right off Pence’s face and frankly, it will scare the shit out of anyone who has had a remotely normal upbringing.

The 25th Amendment won’t be any help because he’s not going to sit there quietly while the other executive branch lackeys try to remove him and there are enough votes in the House. And frankly, I don’t think anyone would really care provided the paychecks clear.

It might even be so bad that the drones at the NYT will struggle to commit Bothsiderism.

OK, maybe it won’t be THAT bad. But it won’t be any fun.

Share your tips for riding out the Dumpocalypse or consider this an open thread.


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