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Will the Kentucky GOP simply steal the governorship back?


Apparently Kentucky law gives the legislature all sorts of discretion in this regard:

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers threw another wrench into the state’s razor-thin gubernatorial outcome late Tuesday night, saying that the legislature could decide the race.

Stivers’ comments came shortly after Gov. Matt Bevin refused to concede to Attorney General Andy Beshear, who led by roughly 5,100 votes when all the precincts were counted.

“There’s less than one-half of 1%, as I understand, separating the governor and the attorney general,” Stivers said. “We will follow the letter of the law and what various processes determine.”  

Stivers, R-Manchester, said based on his staff’s research, the decision could come before the Republican-controlled state legislature.

Under state law, Bevin has 30 days to formally contest the outcome once it is certified by the State Board of Elections. Candidates typically ask for a re-canvass of voting machines and a recount first.

The last contested governor’s race was the 1899 election of Democrat William Goebel.

But hang on a second — what grounds could there possibly be to contest a more than 5,000-vote margin? The gap between the two candidates is approximately 40 times larger, in percentage terms, than the gap between Bush and Gore in Florida in 2000. I mean it was a close election, but it wasn’t nearly close enough to realistically lead to any chance of a reversal if you recounted the ballots . . .

Stivers said he thought Bevin’s speech declining to concede to Beshear was “appropriate.” He said believes most of the votes that went to Libertarian John Hicks, who received about 2% of the total vote, would have gone to Bevin and made him the clear winner.

So really when you think about it Bevin actually won, or at least “won.”

Of course all this is just the New Haven opening of the big Broadway show that the national GOP will debut early in the morning this coming November 4th.

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