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“In conclusion, a man in my position can definitely afford to be made to look ridiculous.”


Christ, what a pathetic operation Tucker Carlson is running:

This headline is self-refuting twice over: the 6th Amendment does not apply to the impeachment process, and the House does not conduct a “trial” as part of the impeachment process. We’re not talking here about points reasonable people can disagree over, or even arguments that are a massive stretch but are not literally foreclosed by an ambiguous legal text. These are just elementary mistakes, like saying that the Fourth Amendment doesn’t require searches to be reasonable or that the Constitution apportions the Senate by population. And in a seamless marriage of form and content, the quality of the prose is abysmal:

That thread goes on longer and isn’t exhaustive — the piece reads like the first draft written by a D- undergrad who has just put down a fifth of Southern Comfort poured through a funnel. It is, in other words, well-placed in the Daily Caller.

As some of you will have already recognized, the only reason this abject nonsense is worth mentioning is the author: Steve Calabresi, a tenured professor at Northwestern and the co-founder of the organization to which the president has effectively delegated his judicial appointment powers. You may remember him from such similar columns as “Brett Kavanaugh will not vote to overrule any liberal precedents.” The best part is that there is a cadre of liberal academics and legal professionals who have to pretend to believe for various reasons that this man possesses an intellect of considerable distinction even if you don’t always agree with him. What a country.

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