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The Ballad of Pierre Delecto


Mitt Romney has a burner Twitter account he uses…to follow the kind of people you would expect a rich Republican to follow, like posts that are complimentary towards Mitt Romney and occasionally express (directly or indirectly) some mild anti-anti Trumpism:

This account joined the site in July of 2011, just one month after Romney announced his run for president. The majority of people it follows are either political reporters, politicians, political operatives, or pundits. Though it also follows noted big redhead from Boston Conan O’Brien. Pierre Delecto appears to be a fan of the late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, too, as well as current and former NFL players Tom Brady and Brett Favre, respectively.

Pierre Delecto currently follows 702 accounts, which is a few more than the 668 Romney admitted to Coppins, but it’s certainly possible to follow 30 additional accounts over the course of a few weeks, especially for a user that appears to have recently upped its Twitter activity.

The Pierre Delecto account’s very first follow was eldest Romney scion Tagg, joined shortly thereafter by Glen Johnson, a former politics editor for Boston.com who was firmly on the Romney beat around the time the account was originally created. Next was Mark DeMoss, who the Salt Lake Tribune described in 2012 as “an unpaid adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign for the past five years,” and Eric Fehrnstrom, who still has “Former @MittRomney adviser” in his Twitter bio.

In general, the account follows everyone you might expect someone like Mitt Romney to follow. There’s the late Charles Krauthammer, the late John McCain, Larry Kudlow, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Kristol, Matt Schapp, and—who else but—Peggy Noonan. It also follows all the people you would expect someone who is exactly Mitt Romney to follow. There are all of the available Romney children, a number of former Romney advisers and aides (likea lot), and quite a few reporters who’ve directly covered Romney or his various campaigns (like Ashley ParkerMatt ViserPhillip RuckerSteven Peoples, and Coppins himself, all of whom were on the Romney beat in 2012, among others).

Can’t wait for Feinberg to uncover the burner he will use to justify voting not to convict Trump despite being in the Republican Senate seat least vulnerable to a Trump-led challenge while still maintaining his MAVERICK cred.

I also hope his being outed will encourage more frank missives like this one.

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