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I Can’t Quit You, Emails



Here’s the kind of thing that CNN is paying an emolument that could probably cover the salaries of a dozen or so actual journalists for:

Of course, there is always this fact to consider: Clinton would like to be president. And losing the White House to Trump — while winning the popular vote by almost 3 million — is not the sort of thing that she (or anyone) gets over.All of that is to say that if Clinton could simply be named the Democratic nominee, she would probably do it. That is not how nomination fights work, though. And there are still¬†19 candidates running in the race,¬†meaning that voters have a choice of every size, shape and ideological positioning they could want.


Could I dream up a scenario where Clinton gets floated as a compromise candidate at some point down the line? Sure. If Elizabeth Warren looks like the nominee — and jumpy Democratic establishment types worry she is too liberal to beat Trump — Clinton could well be someone they would look to as a trusted vote-getter.

“If Hillary Clinton could just be declared president she would probably do it. However, I am informed that is not exactly how things work. Anyway PLEASE RUN HILLARY PLEASE DO YOU KNOW MUCH WORK IT WILL BE TO SEARCH AND REPLACE YOUR NAME WITH “WARREN” ON EVERY ONE OF THE 50 EMAILS STORIES I ALREADY HAVE WRITTEN PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME NOW.”

It’s also sad how far behind the times of Clinton-deranged fan faction Cillizza is. The REAL heads know that it’s Chelsea who is going to impose neoliberalism on the Democrat Party by running for, I dunno, something. Cillizza has become the state fair classic rock of twelfth-rate hacks.

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