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Dollars to Donuts, Tulsi Gabbard is going to run as a third-party candidate

Catch a wave and you’re standing on top of the world

We obviously need a new idiom, since the dollars to donuts ratio is rapidly approaching 1 to 1 at finer establishments everywhere (curse you, metaphor-destroying inflation).

Anyway . . .

Hardly a week goes by when I’m not asked a question about how I’m being secretly backed by Russia or other foreign powers — on top of countless other falsehoods intended to destroy my reputation. Those who are indebted to the war machine and the overreaching intelligence agencies, as well as their cheerleaders in the media, are determined to take me down because they know they can’t control me. I’m directly challenging their power.

This isn’t a petty “spat” between Mrs. Clinton and me. It’s a serious contrast in views about the choice voters face as they decide which Democratic candidate is best equipped to defeat President Trump. Mrs. Clinton already lost to Mr. Trump once. Why would Democrats think a Hillary 2.0 candidate would result in anything different?

Whether Mrs. Clinton’s name is on the ballot or not, her foreign policy will be, as many of the Democratic candidates adhere to her doctrine of acting as the world’s police, using the tools of war to overthrow governments we don’t like, wasting taxpayer dollars, costing American lives, causing suffering and destruction abroad, and undermining America’s security.

Tulsi’s decision to do the Deep State Electric Boogaloo on the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page (and its decision to provide the dance platform) indicates that you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

BTW Gabbard leads off her screed with a howling lie:

Hillary Clinton emerged recently to claim, with no basis in fact, that I am being “groomed” by the Russian government to undermine America.

Clinton said that Republicans were grooming Gabbard to run a third-party campaign, and that this development would please the Russian government. To the extent there was any doubts about the accuracy of Clinton’s claim at the time, Gabbard herself has since dispelled them.

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