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The transfiguration of Brett Kavanaugh


Brett Kavanaugh is a rage-filled alcoholic who lies a lot under oath. He also has a very shady financial history that has never been investigated properly, and he seems to have sexually assaulted quite a few women in his younger and more vulnerable years (the investigation into that part of his personal history was also a joke).

As Howard pointed out in yesterday’s thread, the Republicans have plenty of Federalist Society judicial cyborgs that aren’t nearly as twitchy as good ‘ol Brett, but yanking his nomination once Leonard Leo decided he should get the call up to the Show would have handed the liberals a win, and that is of course intolerable.

So we’re stuck with him on the Court for the foreseeable future. But it’s good to see the major Democratic candidates making lemonade out of lemons. (OTOH Bernie Sanders either has a tin ear for politics, or is obsessive about his no war but class war schtick, or both). Both Kavanaugh and the process that put him on the SCOTUS should be attacked relentlessly, because they’re both corrupt.

This is probably good politics (the right wing is in a state of permanent rage about everything, so the “cost” of getting them more upset about Kavanaugh is like the cost of making Ted Bundy a touch more psychopathic), and it’s certainly the right thing to do.

Such criticisms are a complement to a strategy that includes calls for court-packing, jurisdiction-stripping, and term limits for justices. A lot of liberals are going to have stop streaming 1960s folk songs on Pandora for long enough to realize that the Supreme Court is the enemy for the time being, and is likely to remain so for a quite a long time.

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