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Obama turned me into a racist


Welcome to what is almost surely going to be the go-to rationalization for Trumpism after Trump himself is gone — although needless to say Trumpism will still be very much with us.

I’ve seen a bunch of these things in just the last few days. The argument is a classic of the ventriloquist style, i.e., “of course I don’t think this way but many people do, and their views must be treated with respect because there are so many of these people, although I’m not one.”

What “many people” think is that talking about racism in America creates more racism, by making people with racially inflected views defensive, so really when you think about it it’s the people who keep talking about racism who are creating more racism by talking about it. These people (Obama, liberals, “the left,” diversity coordinators, corporate HR manual writers, Hollywood, drag queen children’s reading hours at public libraries — children’s reading hours Mandrake — etc.) are “demonizing” everyone who is uncomfortable, who is being pushed too fast, who just wants things to be the way they used to be, even though that doesn’t make them reactionary [editorial note: this is literally the definition of a reactionary] racists, as if tens of millions of Americans in 2019 are really racists, I mean come on, that’s just leftist hysteria, which is helping Trump, who I absolutely DON’T support by the way.

You get the idea. We need to come up with a snappy name for this rhetorical style or move or meme or whatever it is.

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