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People of Color


One of the interesting transformations in recent decades is that of Irish-Americans becoming an increasingly hard-core right-wing group. Think of the many Trumpers and associates who are Irish-American–Bill O’Reilly, Michael Flynn, Sean Hannity, Mick Mulvaney, Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence, etc. I could go on. This has received some attention since Trump’s election.

Now we have this guy:

“You know, they talk about people of color. I’m a person of color. I’m white. I’m an Anglo Saxon. People say things all the time, but I don’t get offended,” Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Mike Kelly told VICE News before the blowup over Pelosi’s comments. “‘With a name like Mike Kelly you can’t be from any place else but Ireland.’

Christ, what an asshole. I knew we should have listened to the Know-Nothings.

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