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This is the Future Republicans Want


The idea that Republicans don’t really want to ban abortion is ahistorical nonsense. And another way you can tell that is by looking at what they actually do when they control state legislatures, i.e. make abortion as inaccessible as possible. And with the (kinda) pro-Roe median vote on the Court gone, they’re only ratcheting things up, and not just in the South:

In April, Ohio’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine signed a so-called “heartbeat” bill into law, which bans abortions as soon as a heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks into pregnancy. On Tuesday, Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp did the same; all told, four states have passed draconian “heartbeat” abortion bans this year, despite similar laws in Iowa and North Dakota being found unconstitutional.

Now, some Republicans in Ohio’s statehouse are going one step further, by pushing a new bill that would prohibit private insurance plans from covering abortions, a move that reproductive rights advocates believewould also prevent insurance companies from paying for many forms of birth control, like the pill and IUDs.

“The bill states that any birth control that could act to stop a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus is considered an abortion,” Jaime Miracle, the deputy director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, told the Statehouse News Bureau.


And last week, it was reported in Ohio that a 26-year-old man, Juan Leon-Gomez, had raped an 11-year-old girl, and that she was now pregnant. As one writer noted, “Ohio’s new ‘heartbeat bill’ means that the 11-year-old girl will likely be forced to carry the child to birth, regardless of the fact that she was raped.”

That the state should coerce an 11-year-old girl to carry a rapist’s baby to term is something most Republican state legislators believe, and they’ll soon get the chance to enact this into public policy in a lot of states. Indeed, the opportunity to coerce women to carry their pregnancies to term may be the single biggest reason the Republican base has formed an unbreakable bond with their leader, a man with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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