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Both Parties are the Same, Part the Zillion


When Alexander Acosta isn’t busy letting child rapists off the hook, he’s ensuring that wages remain low enough that sex work makes a lot of financial sense for a lot of Americans.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta said May 1 that he doesn’t support a change to the federal $7.25 minimum wage, signaling that the Trump administration’s top labor official would advise the president not to sign any bill raising the nationwide pay floor.

“We do not support a change in the federal minimum wage at this time,” Acosta said May 1.

House Democrats are still trying to build enough support to move a bill that would raise the federal minimum from $7.25 to $15 an hour in a series of steps. A group of lawmakers in the party are instead pushing a bill that would stagger pay floor increases based on regional cost of living. Republican critics have slammed the $15 measure as a job killer, but some have left the door open to a smaller hike.

Congress last raised the federal minimum wage in 2007, using a series of steps ending in 2009.

Acosta’s comments were part of his testimony during an Education and Labor Committee hearing where lawmakers grilled him on the Labor Department’s 2020 budget, controversial regulatory proposals, and other policy efforts.

I know I don’t see any difference between Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump, except that the latter truly represents American workers and any discussion that suggests he would have negative consequences for the nation is BLACKMAIL bcause Warren doesn’t support immediate communism.

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