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There`s a reputation to be made


It’s official:

Joe Biden’s mission in the presidential bid he will launch on Thursday is to prove he’s not a man out of step with the times.He must convince a Democratic Party pulsating with forces of youth, gender and racial diversity that is moving left on health care and college funding to ultimately turn to a traditional middle-of-the road nominee to take on President Donald Trump.Biden is an aging white male, a physically expressive old-school pol with a nose for the ideological center who still believes a political opponent is not a blood enemy.And his third try to finally reach the political summit comes at the one moment in American history when such qualities have turned into liabilities.

In the interests of comity, let me say that he would be a better nominee than Tulsi Gabbard. Or Seth Moulton. And…nope, that’s pretty much it. The party should do better.

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