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No More Inaccurate Refrains


Paul observed yesterday that Trump used his Wisconsin rally to spread dangerous and reprehensible lies about mothers and doctors deciding to execute babies. This leads us to one of the political media’s favorite games, “how to avoid calling Trump’s lies “lies” and/or avoid saying that Trump is a “liar”:

Well, it could be worse. “Inaccurate refrain” is at least better than just tweeting out Trump’s nutty, violence-producing conspiracy theories verbatim, or how the Times would have covered them in 2016 (i.e. ignoring them entirely and tweeting out a story about how EMAILZ reveal that John Podesta’s risotto needs more Parmesan.) But the ridiculous contortions reporters will go through to avoid saying that Trump is lying reminds me of the convoluted phrasings the framers used to avoid using the word “slavery” in the Constitution.

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