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The collusion debate is over


As Josh Marshall points out:

As I signaled last night, the seemingly accidental redaction error in the Manafort legal filing combined with the news publishedmid-evening by The New York Times is one of the biggest revelations in more than two years of the Trump/Russia scandal. It’s bigger than the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, though the two cases can’t be fully understood without reference to each other. Just as importantly, these new revelations combined with earlier reports effectively end the debate about whether there was ‘collusion’ between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. There was. It wasn’t marginal. It was happening at the very top of the campaign. The campaign manager was secretly funneling campaign data and information to a Russian oligarch closely tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin, someone who had no possible use for such information other than to use it in the Russian efforts to get Donald Trump elected President.

Let’s review the key details.

What follows is an incredibly damning and detailed account of how Donald Trump’s campaign manager worked directly with Russian intelligence to defeat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.  After the election, Manafort was debriefed by Russian intelligence, as any spy would be in such circumstances.

Note that this revelation comes from one failure, intentional or otherwise, to fully redact one document in Mueller’s sprawling investigation.

How long will the Republican party choose to continue to tolerate the Trump administration’s combination of profound corruption and utter incompetence?  No one knows the answer to this question, including the very people who will have to answer it over the coming months.

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