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“I Support A Full Investigation…Into How Blue Lives Matter!”


Hmm, let’s see how the world’s most well-compensated anti-anti Trump blogger is responding to the latest revelations concerning the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia:

The investigation into Trump is, you will “learn,” not meaningfully different than its investigation into Henry Wallace. As usual, I can’t top the parody of the parody:

Elsewhere at The Intercept, has published one of the most ridiculous hatchet jobs you’ll ever see from the auteur of “The Liberal Case for Donald Trump.” It implies that Beto O’Rourke is anti-labor. It has already gotten the predictable reaction from other members of the minority of Sanders supporters who think the only acceptable path forward for the party is to transform itself into a Bernie personality cult:

Only by anti-labor, Young Master Bragman eventually reveals, he means “had conflicts with police and firefighter’s unions,” and actually this was “only with a police union that inter alia wanted 48 hours for officers to get their lies straight before any investigation into their misconduct could begin”:

Yup, Beto is basically the new Scott Walker.

What’s particularly silly about this is that it’s not at all difficult to argue that “2020 presidential nominee” isn’t the right job for Beto. His House record is not very good, and I think he’s much better off focusing on a Senate run than joining a crowded presidential field. But when you’ve been professionally rewarded again and again for arguing in transparent bad faith, it’s hard to do anything else.

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