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The Walking Death Of A Once Great Magazine


One of the many problems with contrarianism as an ethos is that you keep needing bigger doses to keep your high. After you’ve already trolled your readers with embarrassing nonsense like “let’s drag Katie Roiphie out of the nostalgia file to make fact-free reflexive attacks on #MeToo” and “let’s hire some guy to write an unspeakably pretentious and self-pitying essay roughly the length of Infinite Jest or how horribly unfair it is to get fired just because you’re been horrible to co-workers and subordinates for many years,” where do you go from there? Well, John MacArthur would like you to hold the beer an intern making $0 a year just brought him…

Wow, who could have thought that the reactionary and reflexively “provocative” French novelist would like Donald Trump? NOW I’VE READ EVERYTHING! Sample “insights”:

President Trump was elected to safeguard the interests of American workers; he’s safeguarding the interests of American workers.

It seems that President Trump has even managed to tame the North Korean madman; I found this feat positively classy.

With an equivalent agenda, an authentic Christian conservative—which is to say, an honorable and moral person—would have been better for America. But maybe it could happen next time, or the time after that, if you insist on keeping Trump. In six years, Ted Cruz will still be comparatively young, and surely there are other outstanding Christian conservatives.

Say this for him, he’s willing to say directly what Greenwald generally prefers to imply passive-aggressively.

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