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A garbage president for garbage people


Erick Erickson is grappling with a deep mystery:

Why do Trump’s loudest supporters always have to be such terrible people? [ETA: Thanks to  commenter brad for pointing out that a couple of weeks ago Erickson was advocating more Pinochet-style dictatorships for Central and South America, and making helicopter jokes to boot (Pinochet liked to deal with political dissent by throwing dissidents out of helicopters)]

Nancy French, whose husband David writes for National Review, was the victim of sexual abuse as a child. When Nancy was 12, her pastor molested her. She has written about the ordeal and how, for a long time, she blamed herself.

“I was delighted when the preacher volunteered to drop me off. As we drove, I chatted incessantly, happy to have him all to myself without people trying to get his attention in the church parking lot. When we got to my house, I was shocked that he walked me inside my dark house, even more surprised when he lingered in conversation, and thunderstruck when he kissed me right on the lips. At 12 years old, I swooned over my good luck. He picked me out of all the girls at church. But the relationship, especially after he moved on, reset my moral compass. If all the church conversation about morality and sexual purity was a lie, what else was fake? Now that the “family of God” felt incestuous, I rejected the church and myself. Didn’t I want the preacher’s attention? Didn’t I cause this? When I careened from faith, I made a series of poor romantic decisions that later almost cost me my life. Still, I couldn’t very well criticize the church because I was an utter emotional mess.”

It is a gut wrenching read and Nancy French should be commended for having the courage to write about it.

Instead, Julie Kelly of the pro-Trump American Greatness publication is claiming Nancy French asked for the abuse. Among other things, Kelly claimed that Nancy French “screwed around with her pastor” as opposed to being sexually violated by her pastor. [Kelly is attacking Nancy French because French suggested that if Brett Kavanaugh did what Christine Blasey Ford accused him of doing, he should not be on the Supreme Court]

What makes it worse is that Kelly is playing at Trump’s game now. She is doubling down on the attacks on Nancy French instead of apologizing. It is another reminder of how Donald Trump has attracted garbage people into his orbit who have decided selling out all principles and good grace is the way to get ahead.

Attacking victims of sexual abuse is really not American greatness and it certainly will not make America great again.

For more, read this thread by Nancy’s husband, David:


American Greatness, btw, is not Some Blog Somewhere: it’s home to such luminaries of Deep Conservative Thought as Victor Davis Hanson and Dennis Prager, and its latest issue includes a puff piece about a novel published by University of Chicago law professor Todd Henderson, who you may remember from such internet classics as “Obama’s taxes make it impossible for middle class families like mine to pay for a sufficiently large retinue of servants on our $400,000 annual income.”

Also too, its publisher Chris Buskirk now has a semi-regular gig on the New York Times op-ed page, so that close-minded liberals can be apprised of the latest developments in fashy intellectual fashion.

The answer to Erickson’s question is pretty straightforward: Trump attracts so many garbage people because he’s the epitome of a garbage person himself, and they like him for that very reason.

I’m old enough to remember when conservatives were well aware that open moral degeneracy among a society’s elites tended to move — or trickle if you will — down onto the Lower Orders, and they deplored it for that very reason.  Trump is not only a complete moral degenerate, but he’s completely open about the fact. It’s the least surprising thing in the world that his most enthusiastic supporters are mimicking him in this regard.

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