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The first black president


Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Barack Obama’s presidency is how Obama himself ended up confirming every one of the most virulent racist stereotypes regarding what black men are really like.  Consider:

(1) His almost indescribable laziness.   The only word that captures Obama’s work habits while holding the most important job in the country is “shiftless.”  (Sorry snowflakes, please don’t get triggered just because I’m telling it like it is).  It was routine for Obama to not even get to the Oval Office until noon, or sometimes not even show up for work at all.  Huge blocks of his daily “work” schedule were blocked out for “Obama time,” meaning watching television while still in bed, making lots of random phone calls to everyone from bemused world leaders to the very people he was watching on television, and basically just not doing his job, like the lazy [censored by the PC police] he so obviously was.

(2) His need to constantly go on “vacation” after not doing any work in the first place. No white man in his position, certainly, would have the shamelessness to run off to various pleasure palaces practically every weekend, as if he were some sort of “rap” star rather than the supposed leader of the free world.

(3) His ignorance and stupidity.  Again, I don’t want to trigger anybody, but it was like having a monkey in the White House.  Here was a man who gave no evidence of ever having had read an entire position paper, let alone an actual book.  His aides despaired at getting him to look at anything longer than a page, and even that page had to be reduced to child-like bullet points.

And his writing!  Obama could barely put two sentences together without making the kind of basic grammar and spelling mistakes that would embarrass a sub-literate child.  It was almost like someone made him president to confirm everything race realists had ever said about the limited natural intelligence of black people.

Practically every time he opened his mouth, this shiftless no-count affirmative action baby proved he didn’t understand the most basic facts about the U.S. government, world geography, elementary science, American history — you name it.

(4) His monstrous sexual appetite, which led him to cavort constantly with loose women of every sort, to impregnate a series of baby mommas with the inevitably dysfunctional spawn of broken families, and to “joke” about indulging in the most grotesque sexual perversions. To put an exclamation point on his disgusting lustfulness, he had a long history of sexually assaulting respectable white women, no matter how much resistance they put up to the gross advances of this insatiable black beast.

(5) His clownish boastfulness, which led him to claim constantly, in the face of all evidence, that he was smarter, richer, and more talented than his obvious betters, like some sort of minstrel show caricature of the uppity colored boy.

(6) His egregious cowardice, which reared its uncomely head every time the slightest threat of danger, real or imagined, arose, or even whenever he contemplated doing something that could lead to some sort of tense personal interaction.

(7) His thoroughgoing corruption, whereby he exploited the office to allow he and his cronies to indulge in the sort of shameless financial self-dealing so characteristic of crooked black politicians during the post-Civil War Reconstruction era.

(8) His eagerness to surround himself with ludicrously unqualified beneficiaries of affirmative action, knowing full well that any merit-based process would only highlight the process by which someone as absurdly unqualified as himself had become president of the United States.

In short, Obama was Steve Sailer’s, Richard Spencer’s, and Charles Murray’s idea of what would happen if Americans were to lose their collective minds, and put a characteristic specimen of the most inferior of races in charge of the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

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