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Yes, It’s a White Power Sign


There seems to be some controversy regarding the accusations that conservative activists and “journalists” have been photographed and filmed flashing White Power signs. Let me clear up the controversy now: they are.

Not ok.

This issue arose again when people noticed that the woman sitting behind Brett Kavanaugh during the hearings–Zina Bash–has been making these bizarre “OK” signs. It doesn’t look normal, and it’s not normal! She’s making White Power signs. On purpose!

What defenders of this malignant idiocy tell you is that a.) it’s not really what it looks and b.) if it is, it’s just a signal they made up to troll the libs.

A.) It is really what it looks like and the gesture is purposely banal and familiar so that if anyone points it out, people like Zina Bash can say “look at that hysterical liberal, seeing racism literally everywhere!” B.) If you are actually racist, and–to a person–every prominent troll who flashes these signs is actually racist then you can’t make the argument that you are just trolling. (“Journalist” Chuck Johnson, for one, is a man notorious for being hideously racist.) Think about it this way: if a Klan member said “When I put on this white hood and beat up the random black man I’m being serious! But, man I’m just burning that cross to own the libs.” would you find that reasoning compelling?

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