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Tucker and Mickey


Tough, but fair:

The broader point, as illustrated by Mickey’s inadvertently comic Senate primary campaign, is that there’s no room for anti-immigration demagoguery in the Democratic Party, while as not only Trump but Romney ’12 indicated, it’s the quickest path to Republican success. Also relevant is Berube’s piece about the death of liberal contrarianism:

What changes, my boy? What changes? Why, everything! Look around you! Mickey Kaus was once the #Slatepitch master—you know, “I’m a Democrat but I hate unions and minorities.” Now he doesn’t even have a career. Paglia lies on the ash heap of history. The Atlantic that once published D’Souza and answered to Kelly is now known as the place where Ta-Nehisi Coates airs his searing critiques of white supremacy.

Remember when Kaus was paid 80 grand a year to write the same blog post a few times a week? Those were the days.

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