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Trump Flunky Gives Ridiculous Defense of Trumpian Trump Nominee


Orrin Hatch has spent the Trump administration being one of Trump’s most shameless McDonald’s runners, and his commitment is unwavering:

But Kavanaugh himself has only doubled down on a strenuous denial of Ford’s allegation. The judge told Sen. Orrin Hatch in a Monday phone call that he did not attend the party more than three decades ago at which Ford says the assault occurred, the Utah Republican said.

“I believe him. He’s a person of immense integrity,” Hatch told reporters, declining to address how Kavanaugh could speak definitively about not attending a decades-old event that Ford has only discussed in broad terms.

Hatch suggested that Ford may have been “mixed up” in her memory of the night in question.

As Jeet says:

So Hatch’s position is: Ford is mistaken because Kavanaugh wasn’t at a party that Ford didn’t really describe but it wouldn’t matter if Ford were telling the truth because Kavanaugh is a good man. The philosopher Jacques Derrida described this type of thinking as “kettle logic”: the making of contradictory arguments with no regard for internal coherence. It’s only added to the atmosphere of highly charged chaos heading into the week.

And why not, it’s what he’s always been:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife do deserve an apology from Anita Hill, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said Wednesday.

Hatch backed the associate justice’s wife, Virginia, who called Brandeis Law professor Anita Hill and asked her to apologize for accusing Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his 1991 confirmation hearings to join the Supreme Court.

“People have got to understand that Justice Thomas and his wife are good honest people who deserve an apology!” Hatch wrote Wednesday night on his Twitter account.

Hatch is really one of the more underrated villains of the Reagan and post-Reagan Republican Party.

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