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The Constitution is failing


Behold the howling narcissistic void that was once (perhaps) a man:

Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States.  I believe it would be very difficult to find a single person of any actual intelligence who would disagree with this blindingly obvious conclusion.  And reaching that conclusion has nothing to do with ideological commitments per se: if anything, the Republican elites would be the happiest people in America, if there were only some magical method for terminating Trump’s presidency without incurring the wrath of the mob.

But it can’t be done because the Constitution doesn’t work any more.  Donald Trump became president, and he will remain president for at least another two and a half years, because the nation’s foundational legal document has become fundamentally dysfunctional in the age in which we now live.

Trump’s presidency is merely the most obvious and extreme manifestation of the fact that the Constitution is failing.

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