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Imagine if it were legal for elite media reporting to use accurate language to describe the racism of the contemporary Republican party


What would that look like?  Let’s use our imaginations:


Democratic Embrace of Diverse

Candidates Collides with 

Barbed Politics Racism of the Trump Era


Democratic nominees for governor include three African-Americans, two of them in the old Confederacy, a prospect that not long ago would have been unthinkable. Record numbers of women are competing in congressional races. Elsewhere, Muslims, gays, lesbians and transgender people will be on the ballot for high-profile offices.

That diverse cast is teeing up a striking contrast for voters in November at a time when some in the Republican Party, taking their cues from President Trump, are embracing RACIST messages with explicit appeals to AMERICAN RACISM racial anxieties and resentments. The result is making racial and ethnic issues and conflicts  THE USE OF RACIST RHETORIC central in to the November elections in a way that’s far more explicit than the recent past.

Mr. Trump and his Republican allies have made CLASSIC RACIST TROPES REFERENCING crime, violence, gangs and societal unrest a centerpiece of their attacks against Democrats in this election, often linking them to causes that have a common racial RACIST thread — the policies of liberal leaders in heavily minority cities, illegal immigration and Mr. Trump’s continuing RACIST campaign impugning the patriotism of professional athletes, many ALMOST ALL of whom are black.

A possible preview played out Wednesday barely 12 hours after Andrew Gillum, the African-American mayor of Tallahassee, won a surprising victory in THE HISTORICALLY VERY RACIST STATE OF Florida’s Democratic primary for governor.

Mr. Gillum’s opponent, Ron DeSantis, described Mr. Gillum in an interview on Fox News as an “articulate spokesman” for far-left views and said voters should not take a gamble on him because he would “monkey this up” — referring to the progress made under Florida’s current Republican governor, Rick Scott.

Democrats immediately denounced Mr. DeSantis’s UNMISTAKABLY RACIST words[.]which are freighted with a condescending and racist meaning for many black people. Fox News issued a rare statement disavowing RACIST the remarks. Mr. DeSantis, who paid homage to the president in a campaign ad showing him teaching his daughter to read by sounding out “Make America Great Again” from a Trump placard, insisted FALSELY that he was being purposely taken out of context.



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