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Today in Legacy Publications Trolling Liberals

Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace is shown in this Oct. 19, 1964 photo speaking in Glen Burnie, Md. at a rally supporting Republican presidential candidate Sen. Barry Goldwater. (AP Photo)

Look, all views are legitimate, by which the Times and the Atlantic mean views that troll our liberal readers. Such as this James Traub special on how the Democrats destroyed themselves by supporting civil rights in 1948, which was obviously a mistake because it created Liberals Who Just Don’t Understand the Good White People of America (TM).

I look forward to this as part of a continuing series that includes the following brilliant missives:

“Did the Democrats Lose to Trump Because They Stopped Embracing Andrew Johnson’s Legacy”

“Are the Roots of White Working Class Abandonment of the Democratic Party with College Professors Criticizing Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy?”

“Democrats Can Only Return to Power by Embracing Roosevelt’s Japanese Interment Camps.”

What a sick joke.

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