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Men Were Made for Silence 



Oh hai, it’s me, a macho man, who enjoys eating Buicks and bench-pressing cases of Monster Energy Drink.

“There is a beast in every man, and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand.”—Jorah Mormont

“I broke a concrete wall with my rock-hard buttocks, as one does, if one is in possession of a perpetually-turgid johnson, which I am .”–Incredibly Big-Penised  Character I Just Made Up

Men were made for violence. It’s part of why they were created. To protect the weak. To fight for themselves and for nations. To compete and to win.

To look Death square in the eye and say “Not today, fartknocker.”

Do you know why men like football? Why they watch boxing? Why Romans watched the gladiators slaughter each other?

Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

But this is a consistent theme for liberals. They have a nagging self-loathing, combined with a belief that the strong are only strong at the expense of the weak. If that’s how you want to live your political life, have at it. But for your child’s sake, man, don’t pass that misery on to your offspring.

Damn straight. Boys, life is for crushing skulls and pussy and that’s pretty much it.

Imagine hearing your father say these words when you were a a child! Children are trying to find a way and a purpose in this life. They want to be loved and guided. A father is the most powerful influence a young man will ever have. What if dad thinks you shouldn’t have too much success because of your skin color? I can’t imagine a better way to spiral your son into confusion and depression.

OR teach him empathy…but Jesus Christ, let’s not infect our boys with that girly shit.

Those “enlightened” attitudes are destroying young boys, and bullies are filling the vacuum of power. Strong men are not toxic to society. They are the protectors of society.

And whom do they protect it from? Think…think real hard, LogicBrain.

If you find that distasteful, you need to get over it. You are wrong. One can no more suppress human nature than one can stop a firehose. If you do, eventually it is going to break out somewhere, and when it does, it’s going to be ugly.

Emasculating Men Never Ends Well

Maybe ugly means a lifetime of suppressing your instincts in subservient misery while seeking forgiveness and acceptance from people you haven’t wronged and shouldn’t bother with. Maybe ugly means you let all that anger out shooting up a school. Maybe you beat your wife. Yell at your coworkers. Chew out the waitress.

Obviously there are different degrees of how this manifests itself, depending on the person and level of suppression. Certainly we can agree that Ed Gein wearing people’s faces and Nikolas Cruz shooting up a school is one level, but thinking men should weaken themselves is another. Weak men may not be as violently damaging as a school shooting in the short term, but at a macro societal level, it’s worse in the long term.

Aaaaand, here we are: blaming liberals for toxic masculinity. I don’t have any jokes to make about turgid buttocks or manly farting here, I just find this stuff exhausting.

A man’s nature cannot be repressed. Men were made for the intentional use of force and power. Throughout history, societies have understood this. Here in America, we have coddled and weakened our boys by refusing to embrace the very nature they are born with, then told ourselves this is progress. It is not. It’s fighting against a tidal wave that cannot be stopped. Attempting to divert the wave just results in more damage.

Embrace boys’ natural instincts. Teach them to be kind, but also to punch bullies in the face. Teach them to prefer peace, but also how to make war. There is still good and evil in this world. Strong men are needed to keep it at bay. That’s on us, dads.

What are girls even? Do they exist? Do they have a role to play…anywhere? In any way? Or are they off in some other dimension making finger sandwiches while modeling ruffly dresses in perpetuity? Who knows? I do know one thing: it’s men like this who are making life shitty for boys and everybody else.

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