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Alinsky Is Good Now


Somehow he got his hands on a “Rules for Radicals for Dummies” guide and he’s decided that he’s gonna own the libs with mockery. I am worried.

Is the foundation of our revolt against the elites – which the liberals and the Fredocons call “Trumpism” because they don’t want to face the fact that Normals are tired of their corruption and incompetence – merely trolling by a bunch of malcontents? True, we do enjoy messing with them. You look at the avatar of the movement, Donald Trump, and he’s the Trollmaster Level XII Emeritus. This guy lays down the smack, and a lot of Americans are delighted by his antics.

Some Americans are delighted by his antics, much the same way toddlers are delighted when they paint their nurseries with their own diarrhea! Congratulations to our Great Orange Turd-God.

Alinsky got it. Rule 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” What’s important to our Alleged Betters? Their self-image as smart, sophisticated, and capable. Look at their bizarre fixation on academic credentials. Their status is everything to them. They consider themselves deserving of power not by some divine right – only us Normals believe in that God stuff – but by right of their own secular divinity.

So we need to deny them the respect and deference they believe they earned by getting a Gender Studies bachelors at Oberlin, or by being a Deputy Assistant Undersecretary of Kissing Up to the Mullahs, or by playing a magical guy in spandex in comic book movies. Their pompous self-regard is a fat, juicy target, and we need to be on it like Ana Navarro and Michael Moore on a discount buffet.

We’re not trying to shatter their infinite self-confidence. We can’t. They came to believe that they are superior despite a total lack of evidence and their unbroken track record of failure running our society, so a bunch of facts and observations from us is not going to make them stroke their stupid hipster beards and mutter, “Gee, I guess those rubes are right. We really do suck.”

Oh, ok, so he stumbled upon a moment of sanity. Let’s see how he fast he gets back on the crazy train.

So that’s why, whether in columns or on TV or on Twitter or even in books about how an Americadivided by liberals might look, we need to keep at the left about their lies and duplicity. Here’s an example – when Jeff Session fired that unspeakable hack Andrew McCabe, Democrat transcriptionist Chris Cillizza of CNN tweeted, “If you think firing McCabe was totally the right thing to do and fully justified, ask yourself this: Why was it done at 10 pm on a Friday night?” But wait, aren’t the FBI and the DoJ paragons of propriety and stuff, or was there a memo distributed among the chattering changing that which we all missed?

Gee, I don’t know about that, Kurt. I do know one thing: the people who normally can’t wait to submit to authority (especially if it’s white and male) are conservatives. Until it’s their guy who’s under the microscope, I guess. Now THAT’s hypocritical. But…

That’s when they reveal who they really are. You get them mad enough and they will confess that yes, they really do want to take away our freedom of speech, and yes, they really do want to confiscate our guns and, often, yes, they really do want us dead. The suppressed truth about what they really think and really intend to do is right there – you just have to get them really mad so they don’t try to hide it anymore.

Guys, if we may be serious for a moment, I’d like to say that removing vocal chords of the common clay is bad. As is threatening them with death. DON’T DO THAT, no matter bad they own you with their mockery. Just don’t.

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