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A man acquainted with sorrows


This meme is currently all over Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and whatever else the kids are into these days.

You would think that presenting Donald Trump’s spiritual journey to the White House as a kind of contemporary hybrid of the biographies of Jesus Christ and the Buddha would be a bit much for even the American public to swallow, but as I believe Barnum or Mencken said, with grift all things are possible.

I’d like to invite the LGM commentariat to opine on the following: what estimates would you give for the basic composition of the 35% to 40% of Americans who continue to support Trump, after more than a year of non-stop scandals and absurdities of every imaginable and previously unimaginable sort?

For instance, what percentage is made up of people who just want to let their racist and/or sexist and/or xenophobic freak flag fly?

What percentage is made up of either actual or temporarily embarrassed millionaires, that is people who will put up with anything in return for upper class tax cuts, aka the Ryan/McConnell Express?

What percentage is made up of celebrity worshippers? Of people who automatically vote GOP without thinking about it? Of “he’ll drain the swamp” certifiable morons? Of Fox News zombies? (Obviously there are many overlaps among these groups).

Feel free to add your own categories.

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