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Gun Rights and Civil Rights, The Hidden History


The editor of the Washington Reporter offers some compelling historical analysis:

So true! For those unaware of these critical historical events, allow me to represent them in dramatic form.


Georgia sheriff: “Get out of here by sundown. We want this gold and we will have it. I hear the Ozarks are particularly unpleasant at this time of year.”

Member of Cherokee Nation: “But we have a treaty! And a favorable Supreme Court ruling!”

Sheriff: [sneering] “Where’s your Supreme Court now?” [Cocks musket]

20 ordinary Georgians wielding firearms approach, the wind begins to howl.

Leader of posse: “John Marshall has made his decision, and we will enforce it BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!”

Sheriff: “Georgia will fully respect the treaty signed by the Cherokee Nation and allow them full sovereignty.”


General DeWitt: “Based on Executive Order 9066, I order you removed to a concentration camp.”

Fred Korematsu: “But I am an American citizen! There is no evidence that I am disloyal!”

DeWitt: “A Jap’s a Jap. It makes no difference whether the Jap is a citizen or not.”

[5 citizens, armed with rifles, led by CLIVEN BUNDY SR. approach, and point their rifles at DeWitt.]

Bundy: “Executive order REVOKED! Such exclusion goes over the very brink of constitutional power, and falls into the ugly abyss of racism.”

DeWitt: “The United States Armed Forces are powerless to combat this unstoppable force. Mr. Korematsu, you are free to go.

Learn your history, ladies and gentlemen.


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