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UK rejects Ecuador’s attempt to remove old garbage from its London embassy.

Yellow suits him

One can understand Ecuador’s desire to get him the hell out of there, but I suspect the Foreign Office did a little ROFLOLing at the thought of granting Julian Assange diplomatic immunity.

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Office rejected the Ecuadorian government’s request to grant diplomatic immunity to the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The Foreign Office said in a statement the only way for the embassy to resolve Assange’s issue would be for him to leave its premises and face justice.

Following the announcement from the Foreign Office, Assange in a tweet said, “The US & UK governments continue their attempts to arrest me in violation of two UN rulings and their own laws.”

Assange has been living in the Ecuador embassy since 2012, after he was accused of many charges during his stint at WikiLeaks, which include purportedly leaking several classified documents.


Assange fears without the safety of the diplomatic immunity, the looming threat of extradition by the U.S government would result in his arrest and trial as the country’s justice department was considering pressing several charges against Assange.

The metropolitan police said in the event that Assange leaves the embassy he will be arrested, BBC reported.

Although Sweden dropped the case, he is wanted by the UK police for jumping bail. If he is granted diplomatic immunity, authorities fear he might evade the law.


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